The recording scheme depends on the recorders who submit records of arachnids, and we are very grateful to everyone who helps improve our knowledge on the distribution and ecology of the British species by providing us with these data. The following people are all listed as recorders. This list contains names with no standardized format or order of first and second names or initials etc, resulting in duplication with the same name in different forms. No attempt has been taken here to rationalise this duplication.

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M Askins
M C Askins
M Edwards
M. Askins
M. B. Davidson
M. Donelly
M. Fellando
M. Fountain
M. Jeffrey
M. Mann
M. McKircher
M. Perry
M.B. Davidson
M.E. Bacchus
M.E.C.J. OR Hopkins, I.J.
M.H. Smith
Maasdorp, Mrs Lesley
Maass, Mandy
Mabbott, D.E.
Mabbott, P.
Mabbott, P.R.
Mabutt, P.
MacAuley, S.A.
MacDonald, Anthony
MacDonald, M.A.
MacDonald, S.
Mace, Peter
MacGarvin, Malcolm
MacGillivray, Fiona
MacGowan, I.
MacGregor, Andy
MacGregor, K.
Machan, M.J.
Machin, Mr N.C.
Machin, N.C.
Machin, Simon
MacInnes, K.
MacInnes, M.
Mack, F.D.
Mackay, Duncan
MacKay, H.
Mackay, Kiley
MacKay, Mr. And Mrs. J.R.
Mackenzie, David
MacKenzie, G.
MacKenzie, M.
MacKenzie, R.
Mackie, Angela
Mackie, D.W.
Mackie, D.W. and Parker, J.R.
Mackie, D.W. and Wallace, I.D.
Mackie, D.W. and Wild, A.M.
Mackie, D.W. et al
Mackie, D.W. et al.
Mackie, Mr D.W.
MacKinnon, Alastair
Mackwell, Tracey
MacLachlan, Craig
Maclachlan, Ian
MacLennam, R.
MacLennan, A.
MacM., Ian
MacMillan, E.
MacNeaney, Jason
MacRitchie, Evelyn
Madden, Teresa
Maddock, Ian
Maddock, Jennifer
Maddrell, Becky
Madeley, Adam
Madge Goodall
Magnus Sinclair
Maguire, A
Maguire, Chris
Maguire, Garret
Maguire, L.
Maguire, Sarah
Mahieu, N.
Major Bombylius iSpot
Makin, R.
Mal Bennett
Malcolm Ausden
Malcolm Brown
Malcolm Edmunds
Malcolm Lindsay
Malcolm Storey
Malcolm W. Storey
Malham Records
Mallabar, Carianwen
Mallender, James
Mallet, Nick
Mallett, N.
Mallinson, Bethany
Malsis School
Maltby, E.M.
Maltby, Mr GF
Manby, Beau
Manchester University MSc Group
Manchester, M.
Manco, Leon
Mander, P.B.
Maneata, Miss
Mangham, Dave
Mangle, John
Manito, Neil
Manley, John
Manlow, Steve L.
Mann, D.
Mann, D.J. and Veevers, D.
Mann, D.J./J.
Mann, J.
Mann, Karen
Mann, Kerry
Mann, P. (=Peter)
Mann, Phil
Manning, Sue
Mansbridge, W.
Mansfield, Bill
Mansfield, Karen
Manson, C.
Mantell, Adam
Marchant, Norman
Marcus Owen Brown
Marcus, Michelle
Margaret Blackburn
Margaret Rufus
Margaret Sparkes
Margerison, S. OR Margenson, S.
Mariel Lubman
Marine Biological Society Bioblitz
Mariner, R
Mariner, R.
Marion Bryce
Marion Cornforth
Marion Palmann
Mark Anderson
Mark Boyd
Mark G. Telfer
Mark G. Telfer 2xh
Mark Gurney
Mark Hancock
Mark Marshall
Mark Powell
Mark Pritchard
Mark Pritchard; Julia Simons
Mark Robinson
Mark Simmons
Mark Telfer
Marking, Mr J.
Marley, Kate
Maroni, Sue
Marquis, A.
Marriot, H.
Marriot, Scofield and Stewart
Marriott, Antony
Marriott, D
Marriott, D.
Marriott, D.E.
Marriott, Doug E.
Marriott, Mr D.
Marsden, Geoff
Marsden, Phil
Marsdon, R.
Marsh, R.
Marsh, Rachel
Marsh, RWH
Marsh, Susan
Marshall, Holly: Royston, Adrian
Marshall, Jack
Marshall, Linda
Marshall, R.
Marshall, Steve
Marshall, Victor
Marsland, John
Martell, Claudette
Martin & Mervynian Davies
Martin Albertini, Peter Hall & Erica Lewis
Martin Allison
Martin Askins
Martin C. Harvey
Martin C. Harvey and Dominic S. Harvey
Martin C. Harvey and Laura Fennell
Martin C. Harvey and Mike Dodd
Martin C. Harvey, David Green, James McGill, Paul Chapman
Martin Chadwick
Martin Collier
Martin Drake
Martin Frost
Martin Gorman
Martin Harvey
Martin Horlocks
Martin Luff
Martin Pitcher
Martin Robinson
Martin Slater
Martin Townsend
Martin V. Albertini
Martin V. Albertini 1h6
Martin V. Albertini & Andy McVeigh
Martin V. Albertini & Neil Fletcher
Martin V. Albertini & Peter R. Hall
Martin Wain
Martin, B
Martin, Bev
Martin, Claire
Martin, Gary
Martin, J.
Martin, Jaime
Martin, Jeff
Martin, John
Martin, John P
Martin, Justine
Martin, K.
Martin, Keith
Martin, Margaret
Martin, Mike
Martin, Mrs K.
Martin, N.A.
Martin, Neil
Martin, R.H.
Martin, Robert
Martynka, Joanna
Marwick, F.C.
Mary Atkinson
Mary Biggins
Mary Padfield
Mary Smith
Maslin, Jayne
Mason, Brenda
Mason, J.
Mason, Mike
Mason, Mr James Eardly
Mason, R.
Masood, Samia
Massey, Steven
Massie, M
Massie, Mick
Massingham, Liz
Massocchi, Janine
Masson, G.
Mather, J.
Mathews, Kate
Mathias, J.
Matkin, L.
Matt E.A. Shardlow
Matt Napier
Matt Parkins
Matt Prince
Matt Shardlow
Matt Vernon
Matt Wosdale
Matthew Chatfield
Matthew Lofthouse
Matthew McGlennon
Matthew Vosper
Matthews, Colin
Matthews, Darren
Matthews, Don
Matthews, Emma
Matthews, Jo
Matthews, Jonathan
Matthews, L.
Matthews, M.J.
Matthews, Mr A.
Matthias, David
Maude, D.
Maude, David
Maudsley, M.J.
Maudsley, Martin
Maurice Waterhouse
Maurice Waterhouse (Coombes and Churnet Compts 1 to 38)
Mawdesley, T.
Mawdsley, T.
Mawson, Robert
Maxim, Debbie
Maxwell, S.
May, Linda
May, M.
May, Martin
May, T.
May, T. & Carrick, A.
Mayer, Mr N.
Mayer, N.
Mayers, Mrs J.
Mayes, D.
Maynard, G.
Mayo, Amanda
Mayzes, S.
McAllister, D.W.
McAllister, David
McBride, Kath
McCall, M.
McCambridge and Stewart, J.A.
McCandless, Michelle
McCandlish, K.
McCann, A.
McCann, Anna
McCarthy, Andrew
McCarthy, C.
Mccarthy, Clive
McCartney, Karen
McCauley Inst.
McCleary, J.
McCleary, Jim
McCleary, Martin
McClenaghan, I.
Mcclintock, D.
McClure, Bonnar
McConnell, Stuart
McCoo, Kelsi
McCormack, K.
McCormick, Brian
McCormick, Laura
McDermott, Lisa
McDonald, Bruce
McDonald, R.
McEwan, Elizabeth
McFerran, D.
McFerran, Dr D.
McFerran, Dr D., Cameron, Dr A.
McGarry, Stephen
McGaw, Christopher
McGaw, John
McGee, K.
McGill, J.
McGill, James
McGinty, Marco
McGlennon, Louise
McGough, Philip
McGovern, Mr A.
McGowan, R.Y.M.
McGrath, David
McGrath, Jude
McGuigan, Carol
McGuiness, Hugh
McHardy, Colin
McHugh, Sean
Mcilwraith, Ben
McInnes, G.Y.
McKay, C.
McKeating, Miss
Mckee, Claire
McKellar, J.B.
Mckenna, Mark
McKenna, S.
Mckenzie, Scott
Mckeown, Joe
McKerchar, M.
McKerracher, Ian
Mclaughlin, S.
Mclean, E.
McLean, Rob
McLellan, Ms E.
McLennan, Amy
McLennan, Calum
McLeod, C.
McLeod, Colin R.
McLeod, Jordan
McLeod, N.
McLeod, N.M.
McLevy, T.
McMellon, Richard
McMillan, N.F.
McMullan , Gemma
McNair, Gordon
McNeil, J.N.
McNiff, Evelyn
McNulty, John
McPhail, Glen
McPherson, Caroline
McWilliam S.J.
McWilliam, June
McWilliam, Mr S.J.
Mcwilliam, S.
McWilliam, S.J.
McWilliam, Stephen
Meace, Paul
Mead, A.R.
Mead, Gary
Meade, Paul
Meade, R.H.
Meadows, Jason
Mearns, R.
Mears, Carrie-Ann
Mears, Charlie
Mears, Mrs J.E.
Mee, Samantha
Meecham, Joanne
Meek, Steve
Meg Skinner
Meiklejohn, J.W.
Meilleur, E.
Mellor, Mr A.
Melville, Paul
Melvin, Steve
Member of Public
Members of Brit. Arachnol. Soc.
Mendel, H.
Menear, Emily
Menichino, N.
Mennell, Charles
Menzies, I.S.
Menzies, Joanne
Mercer, Kevin
Meredith, Dr Guy
Merrett, C.
Merrett, C., et. Al.
Merrett, C.A. and Read, H.J.
Merrett, C.M.
Merrett, C.M.(Cardiff Museum)
Merrett, Cynthia
Merrett, Dr P.
Merrett, Ms C.M.
Merrett, P
Merrett, P.
Merrett, P. and Murphy, J.
Merrett, P. and Rowe
Merrett, P. and Snazell, R.
Merrett, P. and Wild, A.M.
Merrett, P./R Snazell
Merrett, Peter
Merridan, T.
Merrifield, Mr Ian
Merritt, Mr R.
Merritt, P.
Merritt, R.
Merritt, R., Pollitt, M.S.
Merritt, Roy
Merryweather, J.
Merseyside Museum Friends
Metcalf, M.
Metcalfe, Andy
Metcalfe, M.
Meyers, G.
Miah, Armin
Michael Bastable
Michael Taylor
Michael Walter
Michael Williams
Michael, Allen
Michal Zrust
Michelle Berry
Mickleburgh, J.
Micu, Charley
Mid-Wales 1995 Survey Team
Middlemarch Environmental Ltd
Middleton, A.
Middleton, Andrew
Middleton, Hugh
Mielcarek, R.
Mike Ball
Mike Davidson
Mike Duffy
Mike E. Dodd
Mike Edwards
Mike Everett
Mike Fallon
Mike G. Rutherford
Mike Goss
Mike Hounsome
Mike Killeby
Mike Killeby 1h6
Mike Pinhorn
Mike Roberts & Peter Merrett
Mike Russell
Mike Rutherford
Mike Williams
mike wise
Miles James
Miles, Jon
Miles, Lee
Miles, P.M.
Miles, S.
Millard, A.
Millard, Gary
Millenium Volunteers (Herefordshire Trust)
Miller, Andrew
Miller, Benedict
Miller, John E.
Miller, K (Keith)
Miller, Mary
Miller, Mr B.
Miller, Russell
Miller, Sebastien
Millidge, A.F.
Millidge, A.F. & Locket, G.H.
Millington, M.
Millingworth, Matt
Millport FSC Spider Course 2016
Mills, Charlie
Mills, G.
Mills, Louise
Mills, Steve
Millward, Helen
Milner, E.
Milner, Edward
Milner, J. Edward
Milner, J.E.D.
Milner, Mick
Milner, S.E.
Milroy, Helen
Milward, Richard
Milway, G.
Miners, T.
Miss J E Binding
Miss S C Stowe
Miss Tench
Mitchell, B.R.
Mitchell, Chris R.
Mitchell, D.
Mitchell, Dr R.
Mitchell, Emilie
Mitchell, Ewan
Mitchell, Jim
Mitchell, M.
Mitchell, Margaret
Mitchell, Mrs
Mitchell, Stephen
Mitu Barmonroy
MKA Ecology
Moates, G.
Mobsby, Piers
Mock, A.
Mock, Andreas
Mohamed, Naim
Mohammed, N.
Moir, Derek
Moira Jenkins
Mold, Terry
Molenkamp, Ted
Molesworth, B.
Monaghan, Rachel
Mondon, Emily
Monk, Dave
Monks Wood
Monson, F.D.
Montane Spider Project,
Moody, Steve
Moon, K.
Moore, Dominic
Moore, G.
Moore, Lauren
Moore, N.
Moore, Penny
Moore, Prof P.G.
Moore, Rebecca
Moore, S.
Moore, S.J.
Moorhen, Neil
Morag Mackinnon
Moran, S
Moran, S.A.
More, Elaine
Morey, F.
Morgan, Amanda
Morgan, Gemma
Morgan, H.I.
Morgan, I.K.
Morgan, I.W.
Morgan, Jenny
Morgan, Julian
Morgan, M
Morgan, M.J.
Morgan, Mr
Morgan, Mr I.K.
Morgan, Mrs Joan
Morgan, Mrs M.J.
Morgan, Pat
Morgan, Spillane
Morley, C.
Morley, John
Morley, Kirsty
Morley, Mark
Morley, Mr C.
Moroz, O.
Morrell, J., G. & A.
Morris, David
Morris, Diana
Morris, Eve
Morris, Garry
Morris, John
Morris, L.T.
Morris, Len
Morris, P.
Morris, Peter
Morris, S.
Morrison, C.
Morrison, Ewen
Morson, Sebastian
Mortensen, Guy
Mortimer, Gary
Morton, Janet
Morua, S.
Mosedale, D.
Moseley, M
Moseley, M.
Mosely, Sir O. and Brown, E.
Moses, Jamie
Moses, R.
Moss, Dave
Moss, Laura
Moss, Pete
Moss, Simon
Mosse, P.
Mothersill, C.
Moule, Malcolm
Mounsey, J.D.
Mountford, S.
Mousley, H.J.
Mousley, J.
Moutrey, Rebekah
Mowles, G.
Moynan, H.J.
Moyse, David
Mr A R Godfrey
Mr A S Lazenby
Mr B Wilkinson
Mr Beaulah
Mr D C Lee
Mr D J Leeming
Mr D Mears
Mr E C Riggall
Mr E J Redshaw
Mr G W Whatmough
Mr J Cordeau
Mr J H Bratton
Mr J H Duddington
Mr Jerry Butler
Mr John Lamin
Mr Johnston
Mr Paul Hillyer
Mr S A Williams
Mr Stephen McWilliam
Mr Steve Green
Mr Steve McWilliam
Mr Steve S. J. McWilliam
Mr Steven Taylor
Mr Zighary
Mr, R. Hartles
Mr. Carter
Mroczynski, James
Mrs Gibson
Mrs Horton
Mrs J E Mears (Miss J E Binding)
Mrs Jones
Mrs Julia Hancell
Mrs M.Sandham
Mrs R.M. Akehurst
Mrs S Stares
Mrs Shirwin
Mrs Tomkin
Mrs. J. Stevenson
Ms A Burrows
Mueller, D.
Mueller, D., Diana
Muldoon, Kelly
Mullineaux, J.F.
Munday, Carol
Munday, Miss K.
Munday, Susan
Munday, T.
Mundell, A.R.G.
Mundell, Lucy
Murchison, H.
Murdo Macdonald
Murgatroyd, H.
Murgatroyd, J H
Murgatroyd, J.H.
Murgatroyd, Mr J.H.
Murphy, Carl
Murphy, D.
Murphy, F., Read, H., Spilling, C. and Thomas, T.
Murphy, F./J.
Murphy, F.M. and Murphy, J.A.
Murphy, F.M. et al
Murphy, J.
Murphy, J.A.
Murphy, John
Murphy, Lorraine
Murphy, M.D.
Murphy, Matthew
Murphy, Mr
Murphy, Mr.
Murphy, Mr.?
Murphy, Mrs F.M.
Murphy, Patrick
Murray, Adrian
Murray, C.
Murray, Frank
Murray, Louise
Murray, Rob
Murray, Simon
Murrell, L.
Muscat, Sophie
Museum Staff
Museum Survey Team
Musgrove, S.D.
Mussell, D.
Mutch, Chris
Myers, A.
Myers, G.
Myers, Joe
Myers, Valerie
Mylotte, Miss V.J.
Mylotte, Mrs V.
Mylotte, V.J.
Myring, Mark