The recording scheme depends on the recorders who submit records of arachnids, and we are very grateful to everyone who helps improve our knowledge on the distribution and ecology of the British species by providing us with these data. The following people are all listed as recorders. This list contains names with no standardized format or order of first and second names or initials etc, resulting in duplication with the same name in different forms. No attempt has been taken here to rationalise this duplication.

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R A Crowson
R Clarke
R Hancy
R. A. Winnall
R. Allison
R. Boyce & Hill, BCS
R. Dawson
R. Gaze
R. Price
R. Walker
R.A. Jones
R.A.E.Conservation Group
R.C. Welch
R.D. Hawkins
R.E. Jones
R.E. Stebbings
R.G. (Gloucs)
R.H. Meade
R.S. George
Rabone, Tony
Raby, Cliff
Race, Ruth
Rachael Rhodes & Richard Burkmar
Rachel Bicker
Rachel Keen
Rachel O'Hara
Rachel Pickering
Radford, J.
Radford, Natasha
Radmore, Marcus
Rainbird, B.
Ralph, Matthew
Ralph, Mr Sim
Ralpty, L./HWT
Ramsey, P.
Randall, A. (= Jennings, A.)
Randall, Graham
Randall, Janice
Randall-Jackson, A.
Randall-Jackson, A. and Standen, Mr.
Randerson, Elliott, Keeling, Chris, Gibson, Dr Chris
Randle, A.J.
Rands, D.
Rands, D.G.
Rands, E.B.
Rands, M.
Ranger/English Nature
Rankin, C.
Rankin, Charlotte.
Rankin, J.
Rankin, Scott
Ranner, B
Ransome, Sheldon
Rapley, M.
Rapp, W.F.
Rasik Bhadresa
Raskill, Vanessa
Raven, Sue
Rawcliffe, C.P.
Rawlings C.A
Rawlings, C.
Rawlings, Sally
Ray Matthews
Ray Ruffell
Ray Symonds
Ray Wright
Ray, Rosie
Raybould, Andrew
Rayment, S.R.
Raymond, Craig
Raymont, Ms S.R.
Rea, Brenda
Read, H.
Read, H. and Rowland, K.M.
Read, H., Spilling, C. and Thomas, T.
Read, H.J.
Read, Helen
Read, Mr R.W.J.
Read, S.
Read-Jones, Robert H.
Reader, Neil
Reading students
Readman, F.
Rebecca Good
Redbridge Conservation Team
Reddaway, Jo
Redding, Martin
Reddy, Keith
Redgate, N.D.
Redman, Brian
Redman, Katherine
Reece, Teresa
Reed, Laura
Rees, Gareth
Rees, J.
Rees, Jenny
Rees, S.
Reeve, Nigel
Reeve, P.J.
Reeves, Melanie
Reeves, Michelle
Reeves, Ray
Reid, A.W.
Reid, Aaron
Reid, David
Reid, Dylan
Reid, Peter
Reid, Tara
Rendall, Mervyn
Rennie, James
Renouf-Miller, Lee
Renshaw, Linda
Renshaw, Maria
Renton, M.
Reporter at Surrey Advertiser/Surrey Times
Reubens, Doug
Rev. E A Woodruffe-Peacock
Revels, Richard
Revill, Steve
Reynolds, Darren
Reza, C.
Rhodes, J.D.
Rhodes, John
Rhodes, Mr O.C.
Rhodes, Stephen
Ribolla, D.
Richard and Ivy White
Richard Angliss
Richard Bashford
Richard Bennett
Richard Burkmar
Richard Burkmar & Richard Price
Richard Carpenter
Richard Chadd
Richard Comish
Richard Commont
Richard Evans
Richard Gallon
Richard Neil
Richard Porter
Richard Price
Richard Revels
Richard Rogers
Richard Rowlandson
Richard Rowlinson
Richard Smith
Richard Snelling
Richard Sutcliffe
Richard Thaxton
Richard Tomlinson
Richard Vulliamy
Richard Weddle
Richard Wilson
Richard, Anne-Marie
Richard, Stephanie
Richards, Adrian
Richards, Carol
Richards, Christian
Richards, Clodagh
Richards, Colin
Richards, David
Richards, Gerry
Richards, J.
Richards, J.P.
Richards, Keith
Richards, P.
Richards, Paul
Richardson, Andre
Richardson, Caroline
Richardson, D.T.
Richardson, J.
Richardson, John
Richardson, Michael
Richardson, Mr P.
Richardson, Mr T.
Richardson, Mr.
Richardson, Mrs B.
Richardson, Ms S.
Richardson, P.
Richardson, Paul
Richardson, S.
Richardson, Stephen
Richardson, Steve
Riches, C.
Rickard, R.M.
Riddell, Kay
Riddiford, Nick
Riddleston, Lauren
Ridell, Alan
Ridgeway, Sam
Ridgway, G.
Ridsdale, Philip
Rigby, Brian
Rigby, Robin
Rigg, E.
Riggal, E. C. & Kirk, F. L.
Riggall, E.C., James, B.C.
Riggall, Miss D. & Whatmough, Mr G. W.
Riggall, Miss L.J.
Riggall, Mr E. C. Riggall & Riggall, Miss J
Riggall, Mr E.C.
Riggall, Mr E.C., Whatmough, Mr G.
Rigsby, Ben
Riley, Joe
Riley, M.
Riley, Paul
Riley, Richard
Riley, Sean
Riley, T.
Riley, T.H.
Ring, J.
Ripon Cath. choir School
Risby, Ali
Risby, Allen
Ritchie, M.
Rixom, Mr W.G.
Rixom, Mr W.G., Stanney, Mr J.D.
Rixom, W.G.
Rob Brown
Rob Coleman
Rob Hawkes
Rob Macklin
Rob Mungovan
Rob Parker
Rob Petley-Jones
Rob Sheldon
Rob Smith
Rob Smith & Zoe Ringwood
Rob Wolton
Robb, K.
Robbins, Chris
Robbins, J.
Robert Burton
Robert Cumming
Robert Garrod
Robert McIntyre/Edmund Fellowes
Robert Merritt
Robert Yaxley
Roberts, Ben
Roberts, Chris
Roberts, D.J.
Roberts, D.J. & Roberts, M.J.
Roberts, D.J. and Roberts, M.J.
Roberts, Debra
Roberts, Dr M J & J Roberts, Dobson, Mr S., Kent, Mr R.
Roberts, Dr M.J.
Roberts, Dr. M. J., Dobson, S.
Roberts, J
Roberts, Jamie
Roberts, Louise
Roberts, M.
Roberts, M.J.
Roberts, M.J. et al
Roberts, M.J., S. Dobson et al,
Roberts, Mr Richard
Roberts, P.
Roberts, Philippa
Roberts, Samantha
Robertson, A.
Robertson, Graeme
Robertson, John
Robertson, Kar-Ann
Robertson, M.
Robertson, R.
Robichaud, David
Robin Harley
Robin Harvey
Robin Shrubsole
Robin Wynde
Robinson, Andrew
Robinson, Dr Mark
Robinson, Edward
Robinson, Elva
Robinson, H.
Robinson, Jeanne
Robinson, Lynne
Robinson, M.
Robinson, Mark
Robinson, Neil
Robinson, Paul
Robinson, Phill
Robinson, Trevor
Robinson, V.
Robinson, W.C.
Robson, C.
Robson, Ms S.
Rocha, B.
Rochfort, Emma
Rod Allison
Rod Hill
Rod Taylor
Rodgers, Beth
Roebuck, A., Kew, Mr. H. Wallace
Roff, D.
Roffey, A.
Roger Holme
Roger Key
Roger Smith
Rogers, C.
Rogers, E.
Rogers, G.K.
Rogers, I.
Rogers, Mr S.
Rogers, R.
Rollings, J.A.
Ron Arthur
Ron Cooke
Ron Munday
Ronel, G.
Ronnie Geekie
Roome, Ilma
Rooney, Gemma
Rory Dimond
Rory Dimond & Chris Ayre
Rosalind Dallas
Roscoe, D.T.
Rose Middleton
Rose, Elizabeth
Rose, I.
Rosemary Atkins
Rosemary E. Hill and Ron Boyce
Rosetta Cowen
Rosie Earwaker
Rosie Earwaker (RSPB)
Ross Mcmahon
Ross Mounce
Ross, Alan
Ross, Callum
Ross, David
Ross, F.
Ross, Richard
Ross, Samantha
Ross-Macdonald, Melanie
Rostron, Glenn
Rotheray, G.E.
Rousseau, J.
Routledge, G.B.
Routledge, Gus
Routledge, Steve
Rowan Marshall
Rowan Williams
Rowbotton, N.
Rowe, Adam
Rowe, D.
Rowland, John
Rowland, K.M.
Rowland, K.M. (also 5058)
Rowland, K.M. and Thomas, T.
Rowland, Kate
Rowland, Mrs Kate
Rowlands, S.G.
Rowlandson, R.
Rowlandson, Richard
Rowley Snazell
Rowley, Mrs
Roy Anderson
Roy Crossley
Roy Crossley & Peter Skidmore
Roy Crowson
Roy Maycock
Roy Taylor
Roy, A.B.
Royle, Adrian
Royse, Susan
Roze, Saleema
Rozsa, Tunde
RSPB Capercaille Project
RSPB Ecologist
RSPB Staff
RSPB staff & volunteers
RSPB survey
RSPB Warden
Rudd, Brian
Rudd, Norman
Rudkin, Mrs E.H.
Ruff, Keith E.
Ruffell, Jo
Ruffell, R.
Ruffell, R.D.
Ruffell, Ray
Ruffino, L.
Rundle, A.J.
Ruscoe, C.
Rush, Jennie
Rush, Martin
Rushton, D.
Rushton, S.P.
Rushton, S.P. and Woodward, J.
Rusk, M.
Russell Gomm
Russell Leavett
Russell, A.
Russell, B.
Russell, Bill
Russell, C.
Russell, David
Russell, J.S.
Russell, Kay
Russell-Smith, A and Swann, P.
Russell-Smith, A.
Russell-Smith, A. & Nellist, D.
Russell-Smith, A. + E. Jones
Russell-Smith, A. and Jones, E.
Russell-Smith, A. et al.
Russell-Smith, A.R.
Russell-Smith, A.R. & E. Jones
Russell-Smith, A.R. in lit.
Russell-Smith, T.
Ruston, Ron & Dot
Ruth Pollock
Rutherford, E.B.
Rutherford, Harry
Rutter, Natalie & George
Rutter, Stacey
Ryall, Matthew
Ryan, Alison
Ryder, C.