The recording scheme depends on the recorders who submit records of arachnids, and we are very grateful to everyone who helps improve our knowledge on the distribution and ecology of the British species by providing us with these data. The following people are all listed as recorders. This list contains names with no standardized format or order of first and second names or initials etc, resulting in duplication with the same name in different forms. No attempt has been taken here to rationalise this duplication.

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S A Lane
S Ayres
S Corbett
S. Donnelly
S. Falk
S. J. Grove;Keith Alexander
S. Joyner
S. Leatherdale
S. Lowe
S. O'Riordan
S. Williamson
S.A.S.A. (Scottish Agric.Science Agency)
S.D.S. Bosanquet
S.J. Falk
S.J. Goddard
S.R.S. (Gloucs)
S.W.T. Team
Sacks, Ruth
Sage, B.L.
Sage, Mr J.
Saidenberg, Maura
Salih, S.
Sallie Jack
Sallows, Viv
Sally Hyslop and Charlie Outhwaite
Salmon, Ms G.E.
Salt, B.
Salt, Mr B.
Salter, A.
Salter, Alan
Saltmarsh, David
Salvidge, Paul
Sam Dean
Sam Griffin
Sam Trebilcock
Samantha Tranter
Sampson, David
Sampson, James
Sampson, Sue
Sandals, M.G.
Sander, P.
Sanders, R.
Sanders, Ray
Sanderson, A.
Sanderson, Adrian
Sanderson, D.J.
Sanderson, J.M.
Sanderson, Mr N.A.
Sanderson, T.A.
Sandford, Helen
Sandy Morrison
Sandys-Lumsdaine, Cren
Sankey, J.H.P.
Sankey, S.
Sanson, Sam
Santry, Kass
Sapiets, Melanie
Sara Mancini, Andy Fuller, Iain Adamson & Scott Shanks
Sara McMahon
Sarah Boswell
Sarah Brown
Sarah Butcher
Sarah Main
Sarah Nicholson
Sarah Niemann
Sargeant, D.
Saul, Zoe
Saunders, Anita
Saunders, Christina
Saunders, Natasha
Saunders, Ron
Savage, Declan
Savery, J.
Saville, R.
Saville, R. and Stewart, J.A.
Saville, R.E.
Savin-Jones, Michelle
Savory, T.H.
Savory, T.H. & Le Gros, A.E.
Savory, T.H. and Sholl, J.K.
Savory, T.H. and Stout, T.
Savory, T.S. et al.
Sawford, S.
Sawyer, L.C.
Sawyer, N.
Sayers, John
Sayers, Mr. T
Scales, Matt
Scanlan, C. M.
Scanlan, C.M.
Scarborough District N.H.S.
Scargill, S.B.
Schmitt, Wendy
Schneider, Leanne
Scholte, Carolyn
Scholtka, P.
School Pupil
School Pupils
Scorey, Russell
Scott G Dodd
Scott S
Scott Shanks
Scott, A.
Scott, A.G.
Scott, Ben
Scott, Bob
Scott, David
Scott, H.
Scott, J.
Scott, Karen
Scott, Liz
Scott, Martin
Scott, Paul
Scott, R.
Scott, Stephanie
Scott-Langley, D.
Scotty Dodd
Scowen, Wendy
Scrase, Joanne
Scruton, D.
Scully, Sandra
Seal, M.
Searle, David
Seath, Nik
Seaton, Nicole
Seaward, Mr R.D.
Seaward, Prof M.
Seaward, Prof M.R.D.
Seawright, Jenny
Sebastian Kurcab
Secker, Hannah
Sedakat, M.
Sedburgh High School
Sedman, Ken
See Notes
Seeley, Aaron
Segal, Daniel
Selby, Ann
Selby, Peter
Selden, Dr P.A.
Selden, P.
Selden, P.A.
Selden, Paul
Semper, Alan
Semple, Stuart
Senter, Simon
Sercombe, Christopher
Sergeant, Richard
Serjeant, T
Serjeant, T.
Sessions, Christine
Sessions, M
Sessions, M.
Seth Gibson
Sevastopulo, Mark
Sewell, Danny
Sexton, Mr T.C.
SGS Environment
Shallcross, Lesley
Shaman, Ciaran
Shane Farrell
Shardlow, M.
Shardlow, Matt
Shardlow, Matthew E.A.
Sharma, Manu
Sharman, Mrs
Sharman, Phil
Sharp, Amy
Sharp, Donna
Sharp, J.
Sharpe, Aaron
Sharpe, Peter & Diane
Sharrod, D.J.
Shaun Staveley
Shaw, Adrienne
Shaw, Andrew
Shaw, Chris
Shaw, D.
Shaw, Dr M.R.
Shaw, H.K.A.
Shaw, Jill
Shaw, Jim
Shaw, M.R.
Shaw, Mr P.
Shaw, Phil
Shaw, Richard
Shawyer, Jane
Sheard, Sue
Shearring, Alan
Sheehan, Michael
Sheen, Danielle
Sheila Abrams
Sheila Brooke
Sheila D.
Shelagh Stalwood
Sheldon, Deborah
Shell, J.K.
Shephard, Jack
Shephard, P.H.
Sheppard, A.
Sheppard, D.
Sheppard, Dr D.A.
Sheridan, M.
Sheridan, Mark
Sheridan, Tony
Sherwood, C.
Shield, C. Robert
Shields, Amy
Shillinglaw, Mark
Shingles, Darrel
Shingleton, G.
Shirley, P.R.
Shittock, Ann
Sholl, J.K.
Shona Turnbull
Shorrock, Elizabeth
Short, Raymond
Shorter, J.
Shotliff, Tracey
Shotter, Paul
Shouler, Penny
Shrigley, Paul
Shuttleworth, Ali
Shuttleworth, Ali Aspen, Peder
Shuttleworth, Alistair
Sian Kitchner
Sian Williams
Sibley, P.
Sibley, Paul
Siddiqui, Salma
Side, K.C.
Sidley, G.S.
Sidwell, L.
Siebrasse, Seb
Signorile, A. Lisa
Sillett, Elaine
Silvester, G.
Sim, E.V.
Sim, J.
Simcock, Mr
Simmonds, A.M.
Simmonette, Jason
Simmons, G.
Simmons, J.
Simmons, Martin
Simmons, Tom
Simms, Mike
Simon Craft
Simon Currie
Simon Henderson
Simon Hoy
Simon Manning
Simon Mc Laughlin
Simon Mclaughlin
Simon Stainer
Simon Taylor
Simpkin, Andy: Biott, Elizabeth: Shaw, Rachel
Simpson, A.
Simpson, Arran
Simpson, Bill
Simpson, Bob
Simpson, Bob. Johnson, Lee
Simpson, Colin
Simpson, Duncan
Simpson, James (ADAS)
Simpson, N.
Simpson, P.
Simpson, Sarah
Sinclair, E.S.
Sinclair, I.
Singer, J.
Singer, M.
Sinker, Mr C.A.
Sipos, Laszlo
Sivell, D.
Sivell, L
Skelcher, G
Skelton, Paul
Skidmore, Dr P.
Skidmore, Katie
Skidmore, P.
Skidmore, T.
Skinner, A.G.
Skinner, Gary
Skinner, Justin
Skinner, M.
Skinner, Meg
Skirrow, Martin
Slade, Karen
Slade, L. and Wild, R.
Slater, Andy
Slater, Kerry
Slawson G.C.
Slawson, Craig
Slawson, G.C.
Slawson, G.C. and Waterhouse, M.
Slawson, Mr G.C.
Slawson, Mr G.C., Adams, Mr M.
Slawson, Mr G.C., Bates, Mr J.
Slawson, Mr G.C., Hardy, Ms V.J.
Slawson, Mr G.C., Slawson, Mrs K.J.
Slawson, Mr G.C., Stanney, Mr J.D.
Slawson, Mr R.J.
Slawson, Mrs K.J.
Slawson, R.J.
Sleight, Tony
Slessor, A.
Sloan, Michelle
Small, J.R.
Small, Keith
Small, Mr H. M.
Small, Raymond
Smart, Janet
Smillie, Bill & Taylor, Pip
Smiseth, P.
Smiseth, Per
Smita Kulkarni
Smith, A.
Smith, A., Parker, C. B.
Smith, A.V.
Smith, Andrew
Smith, Arthur C.
Smith, B.
Smith, Barry
Smith, Bee
Smith, Bernie
Smith, Beth
Smith, C J
Smith, C.
Smith, C. D.
Smith, C. J.
Smith, C.J.
Smith, Carolyn
Smith, Clare
Smith, Clifford
Smith, Clifford J.
Smith, Colin
Smith, D.A.
Smith, D.A. on behalf of Harvey, P.R.
Smith, D.H.
Smith, David
Smith, Del
Smith, Denis
Smith, Donald
Smith, E.
Smith, E.J.
Smith, E.M.
Smith, F.
Smith, F.P.
Smith, Frank P.
Smith, G.
Smith, G. and Smith, A.
Smith, Gary
Smith, Gerard
Smith, Graham
Smith, H.
Smith, I.
Smith, J.
Smith, Jo
Smith, Jonathan
Smith, Jude (Gloucs)
Smith, Lauren
Smith, M.
Smith, Malcolm
Smith, Mary
Smith, Mel
Smith, Michael
Smith, Mr
Smith, Mr A. E.
Smith, Mr C.
Smith, Mr C.J.
Smith, Mr P.
Smith, Mrs W.
Smith, Ms B.
Smith, P.
Smith, P. A.
Smith, Paul
Smith, Peter
Smith, Phil
Smith, Philip J.
Smith, Phillip
Smith, R.W.J.
Smith, Rob
Smith, S.
Smith, V.C.
Smithers, P.
Smithers, P./CERC
Smithers, Peter
Smitt, Alison
Smout, A-M
Smudger, Steve
Smyth, Emma
Snazell, Dr R.G.
Snazell, Mr R.G
Snazell, R
Snazell, R.
Snell, Charles
Snell, R.
SNH Stornoway
SNH team
Snodgrass, J.
Snout, Mary
Snowdon ECN
Soanes-Carter, Troy
Sobieray, E.
Softley, R.A.
Soil Biodiversity Group (Natural History Museum)
Solanum project
Solomon, John
Sommerville, A.
Sophie Mogg
SOTES (I imagine this is 'Stoke on Trent Entomological Society)
Sousa, Rui
South, Miss A.
Southend Museum
Southern, R.
Sowden, R. Stephen
Spalding, A.
Spalding, Mr R.
Spalding, R.
Sparkes, Andrew
Sparkes, Colin
Speight, C.
Spence, Jonathan
Spicer, Richard
Spider Course Participants
Spider Course participants (1986/87)
Spider Course, Kindrogan, 1988
Spider Recording Scheme
Spilling, C.R.
Spilling, Chris
Spirit, M.
Spoek, G.L.
Spooner, B.M.
Spooner, Brendan
Spragg, Nicky
Spraggs, George S.A.
Spratley, Tony
Springett, Max
Spruce, Richard
Squires, A.E.
Squires, Steven
St Faiths School Pupil
St Martin's School
St. Cathrine, S.
Stacey, J.
Staddon, Richard
Staffs. database (I'm not sure if this is an recognized LRC)
Staines, Joanne
Staines, Judy
Stainforth, Mr T.
Stainforth, T.
Stan Dobson
Stan Dumican
Standen, R.
Standen, V.
Stanford, Luke
Stanney, J.D.
Stanney, John D.
Stanney, Mr J.D
Stanney, Mr J.D.
Stanney, Mr J.D., Bates, Mr J.
Stanney, Mr J.D., Harvey, Mr R.
Stansfield, Wayne
Stanworth, Dr C.W.
Stapleton, Alan
Stapley, Mrs L.
Stapley, Peter
Stares, Mrs S.H.
Starkey, David
Starling, L.
Statham, Muriel
Steed, Angela
Steeden, J
Steeden, J.
Steedman, J.E.
Steel, C.
Steel, E.E.
Steele, Mr E.E.
Steele, Will
Steen, Wendy
Steer, B.
Steer, Mr N.
Steff Ferguson
Steiff, John
Stelfox, A.W.
Stella Beaven
Stella Rumbles
Stenhouse, D.
Stenhouse, D.A
Stephen (Steve) McWilliam
Stephen Compton
Stephen Corcoran
Stephen Denny & Bill Welstead
Stephen Downes
Stephen Eddy
Stephen F. England
Stephen Hartley
Stephen Hewitt
Stephen James McWilliam
Stephen McWilliam
Stephen Moran
Stephen Moran;Stephen Hewitt
Stephen Williams
Stephen Wright
Stephen, David
Stephens, Rosemary
Sterling, Dr P.H.
Sterling, P.H. and Edwards, B.
Steve A. Lane
Steve Baynes
Steve Blain
Steve Bradley
Steve Davey
Steve Garland
Steve Goddard
Steve Gregory
Steve Hall
Steve J. Gregory
Steve J. McWilliam
Steve James
Steve Lane
Steve McWilliam
Steve Mills
Steve Nash
Steve Pilgrim
Steve Price
Steve Ward
Steven Bromwich
Steven Ord
Steven Porwol & Vicky White
Steven, C.
Stevens, Andrew
Stevens, Becky
Stevens, Dr Barbara
Stevens, Dr. A.
Stevens, Fred
Stevens, Owen
Stevens, R.
Stevens, R.A.
Stevens, Ron
Stevenson, J.
Stevenson, T.
Stew, M.
Steward, Mr D.I.
Steward. D.I.
Stewart Birks
Stewart Taylor
Stewart, Barry
Stewart, David
Stewart, J.
Stewart, J.A and Whaley, June
Stewart, J.A.
Stewart, J.W.
Stewart, Michael
Stewart, Mr J.
Stewart, Mr J.A
Stewart, Neal
Stirrat, Natalie
Stirret, Rosie
Stirrup, W.
Stock, Robert
Stocker, Bob
Stockley, Martin
Stockley, Mr E.
Stockton, Lucy
Stodulski, George
Stoke on Trent Survey Team
Stoke-on-Trent Environmental Survey Team
Stoke-on-Trent Museum and Art Gallery
Stokes, Jon
Stone, C.
Stone, David
Stone, Kerry
Stonely, Tanya
Stooks, Mrs
Storey, A.
Storey, David
Storey, Malcolm
Stout, T.
Stow, Miss S.C.
Strachan, I.
Strachan, R
Strachan, R.
Strachan, Robert
Strain, Sheena
Strasburg, Kirt
Stratton, C.
Stratton, P.
Straw, Julie
Streete, D.
Stretton, Tamasine
Stride, A.
Stringwell, M.
Strong, Ian
Stroud, D. and Stroud, J.
Stroud, Graeme
Strutt, J
Strutt, John
Stuart Ainsworth
Stuart Banks
Stuart Cole
Stuart Colgate
Stuart Elsom
Stuart of britishspiders yahoo group
Stuart Semple
Stuart Warrington
Stuart Warrington N.T.
Stuart-Moonlight, Dr B.
Stubbs, A.E.
Stubbs, Alan E.
Stubbs, Mr A.
Stubbs, Mr A.E.
Student on behalf of Watson, C.W.
Sudd, J.H.
Sue Bird
Sue Carlson-Dunn
Sue Lambert
Sue Tarr
Sue Taylor
Sue Townsend
sue wise
Suffolk Wildlife Trust
Suffolk, Stephanie
Sullivan, C.
Sullivan, John
Sullivan, Linda
Sullivan, Mark
Sullivan, Patrick
Summers, A.
Summers, P.
Summers, Pete
Sunderland, K.
Surgey, Sarah
Surrey Wildlife Trust
Surry, Mr R.J.
Surtees, M.J.
Susan E. Marley
Susan Marley
Susan Weeks
Susan. Marley
Sussex LRC
Sustrans Officer & A E Binding
Sutcliffe, Brett
Sutherby, John C.
Sutton, C.A.
Sutton, C.A. and Hills, C.C.
Sutton, C.A. and Weston, M.R.
Sutton, D.J.
Sutton, Ms C.A.
Sutton, R.
Sutton, Robin
Suzanne Kipling
Swaby, Steven
Swann, P,S.
Swann, P.
Swann, Paul
Swansea University
Sweetingham, Laura
Swettenham, Trevor
Swift, S.
Swindell, John
Swinston, Kirsty
SWT Survey Team
Syer, G.N.
Syhana, Prub Thial
Sykes, Jan
Sykes, W.
Sylvia Bell
Symes, Phil
Symonds, James
Synnott, Richard
Syratt, Bill
Syred, Andrew