The recording scheme depends on the recorders who submit records of arachnids, and we are very grateful to everyone who helps improve our knowledge on the distribution and ecology of the British species by providing us with these data. The following people are all listed as recorders. This list contains names with no standardized format or order of first and second names or initials etc, resulting in duplication with the same name in different forms. No attempt has been taken here to rationalise this duplication.

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T. Clay
T. Coult
T. D. Knight
T. Evans
T. Witts
Tabbitha Luddem
Tagg, Don
Tainton, Steve
Tait, B. and Warr, S.
Talbot, Felicity
Talbot, Mick
Talbott, J.
Tallack, Stuart
Tamera Baker
Tams, Tom
Tanner, Rob
Tantram, Julia
Taplin, J.
Tara Dempsey
Tarbuck, Sam
Tarpey, Terri
Taverner, Jane
Tawfiq, Shirley-Ann
Taylor, A. (Gloucs)
Taylor, Adam
Taylor, Alex
Taylor, Anya
Taylor, Brian
Taylor, D.
Taylor, Gina
Taylor, Hayley
Taylor, L.A.
Taylor, M.
Taylor, M.N.
Taylor, Mark
Taylor, Michael
Taylor, Mick
Taylor, Miss R.E.
Taylor, Mr M.
Taylor, Mr T.C.
Taylor, Philip
Taylor, Pip
Taylor, R.A.
Taylor, Rachel
Taylor, Rob
Taylor, S.
Taylor, Simon
Taylor, Steven
Taylor, Sue
Taylor, T.
Taylor, Tony
Teagle, Mr W. G.
Teagle, W.J.
Teague, Mr N.
Teannassie Primary School
Tear, Mr B.
Ted Benton and John Dobson
Ted Bodsworth
Telfer, Dr M.
Telfer, G. Mark
Telfer, M.G.
Telfer, Mark
Telfer, Mark G.
Telford, Kevin
Temperley, Kate
Tenuta, Vincent Antonio
Teresa Frost
Terrell-Nield, C.E.
Terrington, Guy
Terry & Sheila Wells
Terry Box
Terry Coult
Terry Middleton
Terry-Evans, Jeanette
Teychenne, Mr G.C.
Thacker, Graham
Thackwray, Alyn
Thaxter, D. Mr & Mrs
The Warden
Theaker, Trevor & Repper, Laura
Thickett, L.A.
Thirlwell, Ian
Thomas, Annmarie
Thomas, C.F.G.
Thomas, Elaine
Thomas, Gareth
Thomas, Hilary
Thomas, J
Thomas, Jan
Thomas, Jane
Thomas, K.
Thomas, Mr N.R.
Thomas, Nicola
Thomas, Richard
Thomas, S.
Thomas, T.F.
Thomas, T.J.
Thomas, Tom J.
Thompson, A.
Thompson, Andrew
Thompson, Dave
Thompson, David
Thompson, Graham
Thompson, J.
Thompson, J.L.C.
Thompson, Jan
Thompson, Ken
Thompson, Marcella
Thompson, Michelle
Thompson, Mr G.
Thompson, Phil
Thompson, Robert
Thompson-Chen, Susan
Thomson Ecology
Thomson, Ashley
Thomson, G.
Thomson, Graham
Thomson, K.
Thomson, Kirsty
Thomson, Martin
Thornber, Tom
Thorne, Angela
Thorne, John
Thornhill, Alan
Thornhill, Mr W
Thornhill, Mr W.
Thornhill, W.A.
Thornley, Rev A.
Thornton, C.
Thornton, David
Thornton, Mr
Thorpe, E.
Thrush, Jayne
Thurrock Gazette
Thurstable Sch.
Thurston, Samantha
Thyne, Dawn
Ticheli, Heather
Tickner, Adam
Tierney, Anthony
Tierney, Peter
Tigwell, Eve
Tilley, Jamilla
Tilley, Lisa
Tilling, S.
Tillotson, Mr I.J.L.
Tim Cleeves
Tim Hodge
Tim Holt-Wilson
Tim Sexton
Tim Stripp
Tim Strudwick
Tim Worfolk
Tina Amey
Tina Plumb
Tinker, D.
Tipper, Ryan
Tiptree School
Titcombe, Mr C.
Tite, Master
Titmuss, David
Tittensor, Dr A.M.
Todd, David
Todd, Mike
Todd, V.
Toesland, G.
Toft, Mr
Tolley, M.
Tom Collins
Tom Cooper/Harry Woolner/Chris Catrhine
Tom Ellis
Tom Faulds
Tom Stainforth
Tom Starnes
Tom Starnes and Graham French
Tom Thomas
Toman, Becky
Tomlinson, Mark
Tone Killick
Tonks, J.
Tony Davis
Tony Gilbert
Tony Gillie
Tony Gutteridge
Tony Harding
Tony Holwill
Tony Kavanagh
Tony Lawrence
Tony Loy
Tony Madgwick
Tony Moverley
Tony Payne
Tony Prater
Tony Pym
Tony Riden
Tony Russell-Smith
Tony Sheridan
Toohey, L.
Tooke, Alex
Toomer, Miles
Toplis, M.
Topping, C.J.
Torc Ecology
Tordoff, George
Torino, Susie
Tottenham, Rev C.E.
Totterdell, Mark
Town, G.
Towner, Scott
Townes, M.
Towns M. J.
Towns, M.
Towns, M.J.
Towns, Mike
Townsend, M.
Townsend, Mr A.D.
Townsend, Sue
Tozer, Paul
Trace, C.
Tracey A. Lovering
Traill, J.W.H.
Train, Mr R.
Trathan, Christian
Traves, Nigel
Treadwell, Ann
Trelford, A.M.
Treloar, Gareth
Trenam, D.
Trenam, Dean
Trend, Roger
Trenter, Paul
Trevor Dymond
Trevor Harris
Trevor J Smith
Trevor Pendleton
Trevor Rose
Trewhella, Mr S.
Trewhella, Steve
Trewhella. Mr S
Triphook, Linda
Tristan Bantock
Troughton, Joan
Trower, Robyn
Truckle, M.
Trudy Seagon
Trundell, Peter
Trunecka, Dennis
Truswell, Paul
Trystan Williams
Tucholski, John
Tucker, Alex
Tucker, Mrs R.
Tucker, Mrs.R.
Tucker, Paul
Tucker, R
Tucker, R.
Tucker, Ruth
Tucker, Ruth Mrs
Tucker, Yolanda
Tunmore, Mark
Tunnicliffe, J.
Tunnicliffe, Kevin
Tunnicliffe, Mr J.
Tunnicliffe, Mr R.
Turk, Alan
Turk, F.A.
Turk, R.
Turk, S.M.
Turk, Stella
Turkington, Cheryl
Turley, Dave & Mike
Turnbull, A.L.
Turnbull, Pete
Turner, C.
Turner, Catherine
Turner, D.
Turner, Gemma
Turner, Gordon
Turner, Harry
Turner, Jane
Turner, Mr.
Turner, P.
Turner, Sean
Turner, Tania
Turner, W.L.
Turney, J,
Turrell, David
Tuzuner, Nilu
Twigg, N.
Twissell, C.
Twissell, C. and Twissell, I.
Twissell, C.&I.
Twissell, Colin
Tylan Berry
Tyler, J.
Tyler, John
Tynan, A.M.
Tyson, David, Binding, Allan
Tyszka, Nick