The recording scheme depends on the recorders who submit records of arachnids, and we are very grateful to everyone who helps improve our knowledge on the distribution and ecology of the British species by providing us with these data. The following people are all listed as recorders. This list contains names with no standardized format or order of first and second names or initials etc, resulting in duplication with the same name in different forms. No attempt has been taken here to rationalise this duplication.

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UEL, Caroline Nash
Uff, Caroline
Uffen, R.
Ulldemolins, David
Ullyott, G.
Underwood, B.
Underwood, Mr/Mrs
Unknown German Student
Unknown Person
Uren, Michael
Urwin, Bill
Urwin, W
Usher, M.B.
Usher, Martin
Usher, Prof. Michael
Ussher, Jessica
UWIST Catchment Group