The recording scheme depends on the recorders who submit records of arachnids, and we are very grateful to everyone who helps improve our knowledge on the distribution and ecology of the British species by providing us with these data. The following people are all listed as recorders. This list contains names with no standardized format or order of first and second names or initials etc, resulting in duplication with the same name in different forms. No attempt has been taken here to rationalise this duplication.

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W Barton
W. Blumsom
W. Falconer
W. J. Partridge
W. Morauf
W. Russell
W. Russell & P.D. Gabbutt
W. Watson
W., Chris
W.D. Toulman
W.S. Bristowe
W.W. Fowler
Wackett, J.A.
Waddell, Harleigh
Wade, Beth
Wade, Tim
Wadrup, Felicity
Wadsworth, James
Wagland, M.
Wain, Jeremy
Wain, Mrs
Wainwright, Hayley
Wainwright, Mr D.
Wair, Sven
Wair, Sven Michael
Waite, Mike J
Wake, A.J.
Wake, D. Mrs
Wake, Mrs.D.
Wakeham, Steve
Wakeley, S.
Walden, B.
Walden, T.A.
Waldrop, Jenni
Walker, C.
Walker, Clif
Walker, F.
Walker, George
Walker, J.
Walker, J. and Weston, M.R.
Walker, John
Walker, Lee
Walker, Lisa
Walker, Mark
Walker, Mike
Walker, Morag
Walker, Mr F.
Walker, Mr J.G.
Walker, Mrs J.
Walker, P.
Walker, P.A.
Walker, Peter
Walker, Robert
Wall, J.
Wall, T.
Wallace, Jenny
Wallace, B.
Wallace, B. & I.D.
Wallace, B. and Wallace, I.D.
Wallace, Dr I.D.
Wallace, Dr I.D., Wallace, B.
Wallace, Dr. Ian and Brenda
Wallace, family
Wallace, G. & I. & Felton, C.
Wallace, H.S.
Wallace, I.D.
Wallace, I.D. & B.
Wallace, I.D. & Finnegan,
Wallace, Ian
Wallace, Lucy
Wallace, Matt
Wallace, Mr. E. R.
Wallacke, I.D.
Waller, J.
Walling, Chris
Wallis, Kim
Wallis, Marianne
Wallis, Sarah
Walpole, M.
Walsh, B.
Walters, Craig
Walters, John
Wanless, F.
Warburton, C.
Warburton, Dave
Ward, Allen
Ward, Gemma
Ward, J.
Ward, K.
Ward, L.K.
Ward, Matt
Ward, Mr P.A.
Ward, Philip
Ward, S.
Wardaugh, M.
Warden, Grays Chalk Quarry
Warden, Hirta St Kilda
Warden, Old Hall Marshes RSPB reserve
Wardlaw, Mr J,
Ware, Sue
Warman, Sandra
Warmingham, Mr S.C.
Warmingham, S.
Warmingham, S.C.
Warmingham, Simon
Warmington, S.
WARNACT (County Trust Survey Team)
Warne, A.C.
Warne, M.
Warne, Martin
Warner, Dawn
Warren, Dick
Warren, J.
Warrington, Stuart
Warwick, J.
Warwickshire BRC
Water trap
Waters, Alice
Waters, Phil
Waters, Richard
Waters, Stephen
Waterston, A.R.
Watkeys, G.
Watkin, Teresa
Watson, A.
Watson, Alan
Watson, C.
Watson, C.W.
Watson, Charles
Watson, D.
Watson, Dan
Watson, G.
Watson, Hazel
Watson, Hugh
Watson, Ian
Watson, Nigel
Watson, Rhona
Watson, Shirley et al.
Watson, Susan
Watson, W.
Watson, Will
Watssman, M.
Watt, Debbie
Watt, John
Watt, K.
Watt, K.R.
Watts, C.M.
Watts, Claudia
Watts, L.E.
Watts, M.A.H.
Watts, Paul
Waugh, D.E.
Waugh, Mr C.
Way, G.
Webb, Alex
Webb, Dale
Webb, Mr J.
Webb, N.R.
Webb, R.
Webb, S
Webb, S. (Stephanie)
Webb, Stephanie
Webster, D.
Webster, M.
Webster, M.B.
Weddle, R.B.
Weigand, Rosemary
Weigarend, R
Weir, Z.
Welby, Stuart
Welch, Bill
Welch, Colin
Welch, Geoff
Welch, Paul
Welch, R.
Welch, R.C.
Wellard, Ayelet
Weller, Liam
Wells, Andrew
Wells, Michael
Wells, Terry
Welsh database
Welsh Peatland Invertebrate Survey
Welsh, Gareth
Welsh, Murray
Welstead, Mr A.
Wendy Carter
Wendy Herniman
West, Graham
West, Mrs H.
West, Paul R.A.
West-Maycott, A.
Westbrook, Rebecca
Weston, M.R.
Weston, Mr M. R.
Weston, Mr M.R.
Weston, Mrs I.
Westropp, Mr E.
Westwood, Brett
Westwood, Simon
Wetton-Smith, R.
Weyman, Gabriel
Weyman, Gaby
Whale, Tasha
Whalley, Mr E.
Whatcott, M.
Whateley, Mrs Mandy
Whatmough, G.
Whatmough, G. W. & O. B.
Whatmough, G.W.
Whatmough, Mr G.
Whatmough, Mr G.W.
Whatmough, Mrs O.B.
Whatmough, W.
Wheatcroft, Jennifer
Wheatley, Carolyn
Wheatley, Catherine
Wheatley, V.A.
Wheeldon, Thomas
Whelly, Cris
Whelpton, Judith
Whieldon, David
Whild, Ms S.J., Dawes, Mrs R.A., Bowler, Miss
Whild, Ms S.J., Trueman, Prof I.C.
Whild, Sarad
Whisby Volunteers
Whitaker, David
Whitaker, T.
Whitbread, Gemma
White Young Green Environmental
White, A.J.
White, G.
White, G.W.
White, Ian
White, Ian M.
White, J.
White, Josh
White, Keith
White, Lee
White, Sarah
Whitehead, Helen
Whitehead, Mr P.F.
Whitehead, Nicola
Whitehead, P.
Whitehead, P.F.
Whitehead, Paul
Whitehead, Zoe
Whiteley, D.
Whiteley, D. E.
Whiteley, Laurie
Whitely, D.
Whitfield, Ben
Whiting, Jon
Whitley, Colin
Whitlock, Alex
Whitman, Jan
Whitney, Linda
Whitson, Richard
Whittaker, I.
Whittaker, T.M.
Whittaker, Terrance
Whittle, M.M.
Whitton, David
Whyatt, E.
Whyman, J.
Wicken Fen 1999 Survey Team
Wickham, Mr R.J.
Widdicombe, S.
Widdicombe, T.
Widdicombe, T. & Students, Riseholme College
Widdows, Nick
Widgery, J.
Wiffin, Kelly
Wiggs, Steven
Wikew, H.
Wild, A.M.
Wild, Mr A. M.
Wild, Mr A.M.
Wild, Nicole
Wilde, Findlay
Wilde, I
Wilde, I.
Wilde, Imogen
Wilde, Mrs I.S.
Wilde, R.B.
Wilder, R. (FWAG)
Wilding, C.
Wiles, David
Wiles, Mark
Wiliams, R J
Wilkes, Neil
Wilkie, V.
Wilkin, P.J.
Wilkins, Jeff
Wilkins, Phil
Wilkinson, Alan
Wilkinson, Chris
Wilkinson, D.C. and Wilkinson, S.A.
Wilkinson, Daniel
Wilkinson, F.
Wilkinson, P.
Wilkinson, S.
Wilkinson, S.A. and Wilkinson, D.C.
Wilkinson, Stephen
Will George
Will Kirby
Will Watson,Don Goddard
Willcock, D.
Willcocks, Graham
Willder, Ros (FWAG)
Willet, Jonathan
Willgoss, P.
William Seager
Williams, A.
Williams, A.H.
Williams, Alan
Williams, Alex
Williams, Anne
Williams, Christina
Williams, D.
Williams, D.W.
Williams, Dave
Williams, David
Williams, E.
Williams, Frederick
Williams, G.
Williams, H.
Williams, Hilary
Williams, I.
Williams, Ian
Williams, J.
Williams, L.
Williams, Lyn
Williams, Mike
Williams, Mr D.W.
Williams, Mr S.A.
Williams, N.
Williams, P.
Williams, P.A.
Williams, Paul
Williams, R.B.
Williams, Richard J
Williams, Rob
Williams, Rosemary
Williams, S.
Williams, S.A.
Williams, Sam
Williams-Ellis, R.
Williamson, G.
Williamson, Jenny
Williamson, M.
Williamson, S.
Willis, M.T.
Willis, Michael
Willis, Trevor
Wills, B.E.
Wilmshurst, R
Wilshin, David
Wilson, A.
Wilson, Adam
Wilson, Alison
Wilson, D.
Wilson, Dale
Wilson, Dominic
Wilson, Ed
Wilson, Jane (=Jayne)
Wilson, K.
Wilson, K., Binding, A. E.
Wilson, Keith
Wilson, Kevin & P. Andy?
Wilson, Les
Wilson, Mick
Wilson, Mr K.
Wilson, Mr K.M.S.
Wilson, Mr P.J.
Wilson, P.
Wilson, Pam & Peter
Wilson, Paul
Wilson, R.
Wilson, Ray
Wilson, Rebecca
Wilson, Richard
Wilson, S.
Wilson, Steve
Wilton, Dave
Wilton, L.
Wilton, Mr
Wiltshire, G.
Wiltshire, Mr.G.
Winde, I.
Winder, John J.
Windsor, A.
Windsor, Mr
Winfield (could be 1262), V.
Winfield, R.T.
Winfield, V.
Winkler Ford, Flavio
Winnal, R.A.
Winnal, Rosemary
Winnall, Rosemary
Winter, Fiona
Winter, John
Winter, M.
Winter, Peter
Winter, S.
Winter, Shaun
Winter, W.P.
Winterbottom, Mr J.C.
Winthrop, Alan
Winwood, Michael
Withers, P.
Witt, Canna
Witty, Neal
Wolfe, Stu
Wood, Adrian
Wood, Ashley
Wood, Catriona
Wood, Craig
Wood, J.H.
Wood, Jenna
Wood, Martyn
Wood, Simon
Wood, Stephen
Woodall, R.
Woodbridge, David
Woodfield, D.
Woodhams, B.
Woodhead, J.
Woodleigh School
Woods, Aaron
Woods, Aaron Gaze, Mark
Woods, James
Woods, John
Woods, K
Woodward, D.
Woodward, D.J.
Woodward, Ivor
Woodward, Mrs E.
Woolf, Katherine
Woolgar, Jen
Woollard, Pauline
Woolley, K.
Woolner, Martin
Woolnough, R.
Worcestershire Biological Record Centre (WBRC)
Worcestershire Naturalists' Club
Worcestershire Nature Conservation Trust
Workman, Chris
Workman, Christopher
Workman, Karen
Workshop participants
Workshop team
World Museum Liverpool staff
World Museum Liverpool trap
World Museum Staff
Wormell, Jessie
Wormell, P.
Worner, A
Worrall, P.
Worrall, Steve
Worrell, Rose
Worsdale, Mr R.
Worsley, Fiona
Worth, John
Wotton, E.
Wren Group
Wrench, Chloe
Wrench, Dan
Wrench, Lucy
Wrifir, J.A.
Wright, Alice
Wright, Andy
Wright, Ben
Wright, Claire
Wright, Dougy
Wright, Elaine
Wright, Eloise
Wright, Elton
Wright, J.
Wright, J.W.
Wright, James
Wright, L.
Wright, Mrs K.
Wright, Neville
Wright, R.
Wright, Richard
Wright, Robert
Wright, Roger
Wright, S
Wright, Stephen
Wright, Tim
Wright, Tyra
Wuster, W.
Wutte, Barbara
Wylie, Alex
Wynlock, Lyn
Wytham Survey