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Chipstead Downs SSSI, TQ266578

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Status: SSSI
Local Wildlife Site (LoWS, CWS/SINC)

Summary: Chalk grasslands on valley slopes capped with clay-with-flints incorporating ancient woodland.

Description: Chalk grasslands to the east and south of the site, mostly on the dry valley sides, incorporating some areas of SNCI. Plateau of clay-with-flints occupied almost extensively by oak dominated ancient woodland (Tudor hunting forest). Extensive areas of rhododendron much of which has now been removed.

Reason for interest: The chalk grasslands are flower rich and support Greater Yellow Rattle, Cut-leaved Germander and Ground Pine, all nationally scarce species. The oak woodlands support nesting Hobby, Lesser spotted woodpecker and Woodcock.

Comment: Invertebrates very much under-recorded


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