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Uig Wood, NG400637

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Status: Other/unknown (specify in notes)

Summary: The largely flat area west of the A87 is known as Shore Woods, which was planted c130 years ago. Heavily used by public and their dogs. The area east of the A87 has limited access to one small riverside area. The rest of this part is essentially not visited at all by the public and is very steep, though flat at the top.

Description: Deciduous woodland with a scattering of planted conifers in Shore Wood, lots of bramble and nettle understorey beneath mature Wych Elm canopy. The area east of the A87 has remnant hazel/birch beneath secondary Sycamore canopy, plus a few larch and Sitka. Ground layer is largely Mollinia dominated in wetter areas, bracken is rampant. Lots of dead wood, both standing and fallen. Everything is draped in bryophytes and leafy lichens.

Reason for interest: Uig Wood is the largest area of deciduous woodland in the northern part of Skye. Some of the steeper slopes have never been grazed/cleared, so invertebrate continuity is likely to be locally significant.

Comment: The owners have piecemeal species lists, though lichens were well recorded due to a couple of visits by an expert.


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