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Maximus Woods, SO802142

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Status: Local Nature Reserve

Summary: Formerly the site of Quedgeley House & Gardens owned by the Curtis Hayward Family in the 1800s Now a Local Nature Reserve home to Fauna & Flora with Native & Non Native Trees & Shrubs. An important Habitat for Wildlife in the Heart of the Town of Quedgeley South of the City of Gloucester.

Description: This Little Wood in Quedgeley might be small but looks are deceiving! It is home to many Animals & Birds and should be looked after and respected when visiting ! Please take rubbish home. The Wood is home to Foxes, Badgers, Hedgehogs, Gray Squirrels, Wood Mouse , many Birds & insects including Red red admiral Butterflies. A little Wildlife Haven . Maximus Woods has two other names Quedgeley Wildlife Reserve & Quedgeley Arboretum as it is Officially classed as an Arboretum due to having Many Native & non Native variety's of Trees with in the wood. There is also a Man Made Badger Sett for the resident Badger population. To see some of the wildlife search for Quedgeley Town Wildlife on Youtube. The wood has also been added to the Ebird app Hot Spot locations for Woodland Bird Spotting. If you Down load the Android App Ebird & Merlin bird ID App. You can join in the fun Bird spotting in the wood & help scientists collect data on the birds in this small wood.

Reason for interest: Important Habitat for Badgers, Hedgehogs & Many woodland Birds.

Comment: Might be a good site to investigate Spiders as not Known what Spiders live in this small woodland.



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