Species Surveys

Although identification of many spiders requires experience and examination of adults under a low power microscope, the Spider Recording Scheme is making a particular effort to encourage the recording of a few 'easily recognisable' spiders. YOU CAN HELP by submitting records for these species below!

The large majority of other species cannot be reliably identified in the field or from photographs, and need microscopical examination of adults to determine to species. We have a system of Area Organisers who receive records and make sure identifications are verified before they are accepted by the recording scheme. However any registered and logged-on user can upload photographs to the website and post these on the Forum to ask about identification. If you do this, please include date, location (with postcode or grid reference) details so that the record can be added to the recording scheme if the photograph can be identified to species.

We ask you to upload a picture to support your record, to help confirm your sighting. This means you will need to register and then be logged-on to do this. You can then manage your records when logged-on from the my stuff page or my records.

If the location is not identifiable by a full postcode and you don't know the map grid reference for a location you can find this using the locate page (zoom in or search for your location and the grid reference of the cursor is given at the bottom of the map).

Please enter your records using the links below:

Pholcus phalangioides female Copyright: Peter HarveyDaddy long legs spiderPholcus phalangioides
Dolomedes fimbriatus Copyright: Peter HarveyRaft spidersDolomedes species
Misumena yellow coloration Copyright: Hilary GrantCrab spider Misumena vatiaMisumena vatia
Araneus quadratus Copyright: Peter HarveyFour Spot-OrbweaverAraneus quadratus
Nuctenea umbratica  on back trellis... Copyright: Anthony BrandrethWalnut Orb-Weaver SpiderNuctenea umbratica
Argiope bruennichi female Copyright: Peter HarveyWasp SpiderArgiope bruennichi
Araneus diadematus Copyright: Peter HarveyGarden SpiderAraneus diadematus
Zoropsis spinimana female Copyright: Heather TicheliZoropsis spinimanaZoropsis spinimana
Uloborus plumipes female in web Copyright: Evan JonesGarden Centre SpiderUloborus plumipes
Paidiscura pallens female with egg sac under Oak leaf Copyright: Evan JonesPaidiscura pallensPaidiscura pallens
Pisaura mirabilis variety Copyright: Peter NicholsonNursery Web SpiderPisaura mirabilis
Segestria florentina 1 Copyright: Peter HarveyGreen-fanged Tube Web SpiderSegestria florentina
Female Zebra Spider Copyright: David Green (Manchester, UK)Zebra SpiderSalticus scenicus
Dicranopalpus ramosus Copyright: Peter HarveyFork-palped harvestmanDicranopalpus ramosus