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Identification difficulty rating: 4
Name: Eratigena picta
Authority: Simon, 1870
Order: Arachnida: Araneae
Family: Agelenidae
National Rarity status: NR
IUCN status: VU, criteria: D2

Records: 22
First Record: 1982
Latest Record: 2021

1992-on hectads: 3
Pre-1992 hectads: 4
Total hectads: 6

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About this species

Recorded altitude range
7m to 7m

Species text

Bolzern et al. (2013) proposed that Tegenaria picta, should be placed in a new genus, Eratigena (together with T. agrestis, T. atrica, T. saeva and T. duellica amongst British spiders).

E. picta was first recorded in Britain from Amberley Chalk Pits, Houghton, West Sussex in 1982 (Jones 1984). It has since been collected near Selsey in 1990 (Roberts 1991), in East Hampshire (P. Merrett, pers. comm.) and in Surrey (2009). The species is widely distributed over much of northern Europe and the Iberian peninsula ( and extends east to the Ukraine. Although Roberts (1995) states that the species does not occur in Scandinavia, it has been recorded at least once in Sweden (T. Kronestedt, pers. comm.).

Habitat and ecology
The Amberley specimens were found beneath lumps of chalk on the floor of quarry workings, occupying the space between the boulder and the ground (Jones 1984). Two males were caught in separate pitfall traps in a winter wheat field near Selsey. It seems likely that these were wandering in search of females and may have started their travels from a nearby site (Roberts 1991). The web has an area of some 100 cm2 and is supported by several vertical silk tubes attached to the rock ceiling above. In Belgium, the species is widespread and found in woods, again principally under stones (De Blauwe & Baert 1981). Simon (1937) also records E. picta as being a woodland species throughout France. The two Selsey males were collected in early June.

A small number of specimens were found at the Amberley site on two occasions (Jones 1984; 1995). It appears to have been collected from only two locations since 1992 as opposed to three before that date. It is possible that it has been under-recorded

Re-use of old quarry sites for waste disposal or industrial development represent potential threats.

Management and conservation
Ensure that the quarry where it is known to occur is protected from development.

Author of profile: Geoff Oxford.

Bolzern, A., Burckhardt, D. & Hänggi, A. 2013. Phylogeny and taxonomy of European funnel-web spiders of the Tegenaria-Malthonica complex (Araneae: Agelenidae) based upon morphological and molecular data. Zool. J. Linn. Soc. 168: 723-848.
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Simon, E. 1937. Les Arachnides de France. 6: 979-1298. Paris: Encyclopadie Roret.  References

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