Summary for Sabacon viscayanus ramblaianus (Opiliones)

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Sabacon viscayanus ramblaianus Copyright: Esmond Brown
Identification difficulty rating: 4
Name: Sabacon viscayanus ramblaianus
Authority: Martens, 1983
Order: Arachnida: Opiliones
Family: Sabaconidae

Records: 75
First Record: 1980
Latest Record: 2023

1992-on hectads: 28
Pre-1992 hectads: 16
Total hectads: 40

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About this species

Recorded altitude range
50m to 401m

Species text

Sabacon viscayanus is represented in Britain by the sub-species ramblaianus. It is probably a recent introduction (first record: 1980 on the Gower Peninsula) spreading throughout Wales and more recently found in the Wyre Forest area in Worcestershire (2013) and Devon (2014). Its European distribution is centred on the Pyrenees.

Habitat and ecology It is found in damp woodland (mixed and deciduous), utilising deep litter and woodland edge debris. It has also been recorded in subterranean habitats (as in other sabaconids).

Adult females have been recorded between June and October but very little is known about its life-cycle or feeding habits. The dense, brush-like covering of glandular setae on the pedipalps suggests it may be suited to mopping up small invertebrates such as springtails.

Probably an introduced species, which is spreading rapidly.

Text based on: Hillyard, P. D. 2005. Harvestmen: keys and notes for the identification of British species. Synopses of the British Fauna 4 (3rd edn). Field Studies Council, Shrewsbury.


Gruber, J. 2003. Origin and gender of the name Sabacon Simon, 1879 (Opiliones, Palpatores, Ischyropsalidoidea). Newsletter of the British Arachnological Society 96: 6.

Schönhofer, A. L. 2013. A taxonomic catalogue of the Dyspnoi Hansen and Sørensen, 1904 (Arachnida: Opiliones). Zootaxa 3679: 1-68  References

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Sabacon viscayanus ramblaianus
Sabacon viscayanus ramblaianus
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