Yorkshire Spiders


The following page is continuously updated as I will include information on spider recording in Yorkshire.  Please check back to see what I have updated.

I am the Area Organiser for VCs 61 [south-east Yorkshire], 62 [north-east Yorkshire], 64 [mid-west Yorkshire] and 65 [north-west Yorkshire] and would welcome all records from these counties.  I am also the Area Organiser for the two Northumberland VCs (see the Northumberland Spiders page for more information).

My preferred receipt of data is via Mapmate (identifier is 'ab1'). 

I have also recently taken on the role of spider and harvestmen recorder for the Yorkshire Naturalists' Union (Yorkshire Naturalists' Union link).

Yorkshire Nature Reserves

Since 2008, I have been recording on various nature reserves within Yorkshire.  So far, most of them have been Yorkshire Wildlife Trust (YWT) Reserves.  Reports, with species lists are sent to the Reserve officer and submitted to the local biological record centre, as well as the national spider recording scheme.  Below, I've provided copies of the reports to make them available to a wider audience, with external links to the Reserve's websites to find out more about these places. 


Potteric Carr YWT Nature Reserve Potteric Carr Nature Reserve website link

2009 Report Click here for report (PDF)

Staveley Nature YWT Reserve Staveley Nature Reserve website link

2010 Report Click here for report (PDF)

Hetchell Wood YWT Reserve Hetchell Wood Nature Reserve website link

2010 Report Click here for report (PDF)

Bishop Monkton Railway Cutting YWT Reserve Bishop Monkton Railway Cutting Nature Reserve website link

2010 Report Click here for report (PDF)

Rodley Nature Reserve, Leeds Rodley Nature Reserve website link

Rodley Nature Reserve is a community run reserve in the west of Leeds, adjacent to the River Aire.

2008 Report Click here for report (PDF)
2009 Report Click here for report (PDF)

Surveys in the last couple of years have focussed on the upland areas in Yorkshire; primarily the mires and bogs of the Yorkshire Dales and North York Moors National Parks.  Members can read a summary of these surveys in the BAS Newsletter; the most recent of which was published in summer 2014.

Richard Wilson
Last Updated: 4th December 2014