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You can send a message or ask a question about British spider identification here. If your query is about spiders from other parts of the World, please find another forum. We are unable to help.

Fill out details and click Submit. If your message is about the identification of a spider, please provide the date of the sighting and the location in the form of a full postcode or Ordnance Survey grid reference. If your query is about identification or false widow spiders, or you want to submit a record, you must be able to provide a good quality photograph (NOT A VIDEO) to help answer your query. You will be asked to send this when you receive an email reply to your request. Without a photograph of your spider, we will not be able to help.  The photograph needs to show the top surface of the spider and to be close up, in focus, not against a coloured background and not blurred. Photographs taken through glass or plastic inside a container will not provide adequate information.

If your enquiry is about false widow spiders please first see the false widow page on this website and BAS website link. PLEASE NOTE, WE CANNOT PROVIDE ADVICE ON REMOVAL OF SPIDERS OR ANY FURTHER ADVICE THAN ALREADY AVAILABLE IN THESE LINKS. For authorative information on the toxicity of spiders Worldwide see Ed Nieuwenhuys's link on the demystification of the toxicity of spiders link. Britain has no dangerous spiders.

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 If your query is about identification or false widow spiders, you will be asked to send a photograph when you receive an email reply to your request.
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 We will try to answer all questions as soon as we can.  Thank you.
 The Spider and Harvestman Recording Schemes are run on an entirely voluntary basis under the auspices of the British Arachnological Society.