id difficulty for Agelena labyrinthica

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Identification difficulty rating=2
Can be identified in the field with care and experience. Needs a good view or examination with a good quality lens. Beginners should take voucher specimens until they gain familiarity and experience. May be identifiable from a good photo.  Records acceptable from competent recorders.

This should be identifiable in the field by a reasonably experienced arachnologist even when juvenile, as long as any other European species don't colonise Britain.
Providing record is associated with appropriate habitat and that no other Agelena species are discovered in the UK, this is not likely to cause identification issues. Photographs of the spider on its web/ retreat may also be valid, depending on context. However, Agelena records inside a building/ structure should be treated with extreme caution owing to potential confusion with Tegenaria species

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Males and females may present different identification difficulty in spiders. These identification ratings are based on the most difficult identification. New species may become recognised or become part of the British fauna e.g. from Europe, so identification should be made with the awareness that this is a possibility and that confirmation may be needed in the form of a voucher specimen.