id difficulty for Theridiosoma gemmosum

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Identification difficulty rating=3
Adult voucher specimen needs checking under magnification and good lighting. The Recording Scheme would accept records from experienced recorders without further question unless the date, region or habitat was especially unusual. Voucher specimen should be retained.  Records accepted from known experienced recorders.

There have been occasions when juvenile araneids have been misidentified as this species. Take great care over identification by non-specialists or inexperienced arachnologists and treat any record away from wetland habitats with major caution, rejecting any records not supported by voucher material.

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Males and females may present different identification difficulty in spiders. These identification ratings are based on the most difficult identification. New species may become recognised or become part of the British fauna e.g. from Europe, so identification should be made with the awareness that this is a possibility and that confirmation may be needed in the form of a voucher specimen.