Help adding forum posts

Adding forum posts

In order to post to the website you must first Register - and once you have registered, you can logon and post.

Just click the 'post a comment' link on the Forum page, type and then submit your post.  There are many formatting functions available in the edit toolbar - but for starters you can just type and submit!

You can add an optional title if you wish.  This will appear at the start of your note.

Posts are visible in the current month.  After that they will appear in the 'Archive' links at the bottom of the page.

For more on 'markup' used to format these pages and posts see: Markup Tutorial

To add your own pictures, first upload the picture, see: Picture Upload Guidelines. Your recently uploaded pictures will appear along the top of the window for your post text as toolbar buttons. Simply click on the small picture image toolbar button to place the photo in your post.

To edit an individual forum post:

  • On the Forum page, look at the tail end of the post entry in question for the 'Edit' link and click this
  • the post text will appear in an edit window
  • make any changes and then click 'Save Changes'

You can only edit posts you have added.  If you don't see an edit link then you can't edit it.

To delete a post replace all text with 'delete me' (without the quotes) and save.

I still need help

If you have any problems or need help please Contact Us.